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IEE is aiming at establishing a reciprocal as well as beneficial business relationship with your company. We will do our best to help your company create traffic over the internet. Since IEE is not an agency, our online casinos clients should be totally responsible for their own marketing and financial decisions. IEE marketing team's main objectives are to provide our online casino customers.

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The following information is provided as a marketing resource only.
If you have a small advertising budget, you will probably want to save money and do the majority of your marketing on your own. There are plenty of free and inexpensive tools available online to help you with your marketing needs. Information provided on the categories above should give you a general understanding of the areas to focus on. Search engine registration is extremely important and will most likely bring the most traffic to your site. In terms of banner design, keep in mind, that a clever ad, one with humor and appeal, is usually more effective than one with all the bells and whistles the latest technology can deliver. Promotional agencies and link exchange programs have also proven successful for many of our online casino owners.
Banner Design Pricing

At IEE the satisfaction of our clients is very important to us and we strive to provide a quality product. Below is our standard banner pricing policy. We have tried to make it as clear and concise as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at sales@ieeltd.com

Standard Prices
A banner is very difficult to predetermine pricing on as there are many design aspects that are more time consuming than others. Banner optimization (bringing the KB size of a banner down to where it can be used effectively and not look blurred and jagged like many of the low quality banners you see on the net) is the most time consuming aspect of design. Every element (colors, fonts, images, animation, etc.) adds to the KB size of a banner. All these elements must be in sync for a banner to be brought down to a usable size and still have impact. Our designers are among the best on the net, and we have developed a system in which we can provide fully optimized, high quality banners at the standard price of $100 (animated) and $75 (static). This price requires that you provide us with the* text and graphic content to go on the banner (we can fine-tune it) and leave the rest to us. We are experts at banner optimization and can put together a high quality, general purpose banner for you within a reasonable time (our standard turnaround on single banner orders is less than 2 or 3 days).

Limitations and requirements for banners
We are usually able to use images, logos, etc. provided by clients for general purpose banners, however, sometimes they are not of a high enough quality to be resized correctly for use in our designs. If you have images that you would like us to try to use, please send them as an email attachment at sales@ieeltd.com

Banners for online casino
When designing banners for your online casino site it is essential that we have the exact banner size (in pixels) and the maximum size in KB (we can assist with this if you are unsure). There are 9 common banner sizes (pixels):
468 x 60  Full Horizontal Banner 1
660 x 55  Full Horizontal Banner 2
392 x 72  Full Banner with Vertical Navigation Bar
234 x 60  Half Banner
125 x 125  Square Button
120 x 90  Button #1
120 x 60  Button #2
88 x 31  Micro Button
120 x 240  Vertical Banner
We confirm all online orders by email before starting work to get more details regarding your planned uses for your banner and your ideas regarding a design approach.